EquiLend Clearing Services Gateway

EquiLend Clearing Services

EquiLend Clearing Services (ECS) provides direct connectivity to CCPs for central clearing of securities finance trades. Our services offer powerful trading and post-trade tools that improve efficiency and mitigate risk. They integrate into a firm’s existing environment and can be fully automated. We currently have connections to OCC and Eurex, and have delivered a solution that is portable across CCPs globally. The ECS Gateway provides a central point for all matched transactions to flow directly to a CCP, while delivering real-time updates on settlement back to clients. ECS also offers a front-to-back solution from trade execution through the lifecycle of the trade, including support for returns, recalls, rerates and corporate actions.

EquiLend Clearing Services Gateway

As a third-party flow provider, EquiLend Clearing Services (ECS) offers connectivity to Eurex Clearing’s Lending CCP. ECS leverages EquiLend’s suite of trading and post-trade services coupled with the ECS Gateway to allow for trade execution/matching and management of all lifecycle events. ECS allows EquiLend’s market participants to leverage their existing infrastructure to make the management of CCP activity consistent with traditional bilateral activity.


  • Provides access to Eurex Clearing’s Lending CCP via a trusted technology provider

  • Leverages existing EquiLend trading and post-trade technology, simplifying the Lending CCP connection for current EquiLend users

  • Fully automated, real-time status updates

  • Global solution that can be used for many CCPs

  • Enables flexible connectivity solutions, including API system-to-system services and browser-based screen access

  • Standard process for bilateral and CCP-novated trades

How It Works

  • Clients conduct their normal bilateral trading activity using the NGT platform.

  • Once both sides of the transaction match, the transaction is sent to the ECS Gateway and on to Eurex Clearing for clearance and settlement.

  • ECS will then communicate settlement, mark to market, billing and asset servicing information from Eurex Clearing in real time to the counterparties.

  • The flexibility exists to allow for straight-through processing for all activity or the use of our screen-based solution.

Note: To use EquiLend Clearing Services CCP Connectivity, both counterparties to the trade must be using ECS as their third-party flow provider.

Matt Collins

Markets & Trading, ECS
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John Surgent

Associate Director
Head of NA Post-Trade Services
+1 (646) 767 4325