Securities Finance Award at Global Custodian Awards

EquiLend Post-Trade Suite Recognized With Innovation in Securities Finance Award at Global Custodian Awards

Christopher Gohlke,
VP, Marketing & Communications, EquiLend,
+1 (212) 901-2217

EquiLend took home the award for Innovation in Securities Finance at the Global Custodian Leaders in Custody Awards in London, March 28.

Global Custodian specifically recognized EquiLend's Post-Trade Suite for the Innovation Award.

Jonathan Watkins, Editor, Global Custodian, says: “We are delighted to hand one of our coveted Innovation Awards to EquiLend, a market player which has looked to completely reinvent the way the securities finance industry handles its post-trade and operational activities. The revamp of its Post-Trade Suite marked one of the biggest changes to the securities finance industry, allowing clients to automate a range of post-trade processes. Global Custodian commends the steps EquiLend has taken to modernize the securities finance industry and provide its clients with new, innovative solutions.”

Brian Lamb, CEO of EquiLend, says: "We are very grateful to Global Custodian for recognizing our Post-Trade Suite for the Innovation in Securities Finance Award. EquiLend has invested heavily in post-trade over the past several years, implementing all-new technology and features to help our clients streamline and automate processes, reduce costs and address global regulations."

After the 2015 launch of NGT, the industry-leading securities finance trading platform with $80 billion in average daily trading volume, EquiLend began work to overhaul its Post-Trade Suite to offer straight-through processing throughout the full lifecycle of the global securities finance ecosystem.

EquiLend created OneFile, allowing firms to send intraday data to EquiLend in one simple file, letting EquiLend do the heavy lifting for comparisons, exposure, mark-to-market, returns and recalls. OneFile unlocked access to the all-new Unified Comparison service, which reconciles global pending trades to recognized industry standards. Additionally, EquiLend Exposure was launched in recent months, which is designed not only to help clients maximize their collateral but also streamline and enhance the underlying borrow/loan settlement process with seamless connectivity to global tri-party agents. We have also released SFTR Insight in partnership with Trax, offering firms a seamless SFTR experience from the point of trade through to reporting.

EquiLend's new Post-Trade Suite offers clients reduced latency with instruction processing; reduced fails, allowing them to address regulations such as CSDR; and also has reduced their costs by providing complete automation and the opportunity to better use their inventory.