EquiLend AuctionPort is a browser-based portfolio auction service. It allows a lender to host an auction of a securities portfolio and invite bidders to compete for exclusive access to the securities.

Invited bidders do not need to be EquiLend clients. Auction parameters can be customized by the lender, and include flexible options for portfolio sections, collateral specifications, and allowable payment types.



  • Lender determines which bidders are invited to bid on exclusive access to a portfolio
  • Non-EquiLend clients can be invited to bid
  • Lender sets auction parameters, such as start and end date, blind or open, collateral specifications, and allowable payment types
  • Lender has the option to invite the beneficial owner to view live bids
  • Portfolios are posted and accessible to bidders through a simple spreadsheet upload
  • A portfolio can be divided into multiple sections, based on criteria such as market, section, region, and more
  • Lender determines how many sections of a portfolio can be bid upon
  • Once an auction begins, bids are placed directly onto the EquiLend browser (supporting documentation can be uploaded)
  • No limit on the number of bids during a live auction
  • Bids can be modified or withdrawn until the auction closes, and a full audit trail of all submitted and modified bids is maintained
  • Browser interface is intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal set-up and training
  • EquiLend provides reference guides and training to support lenders and bidders throughout the auction process


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