EquiLend Clearing Services


EquiLend acquired Automated Equity Finance Markets, Inc. (aka AQS) and its associated middle-office and front-end software in July 2016. The acquired business and technology served as the basis for the newly launched EquiLend Clearing Services. In the short term, EquiLend Clearing Services will continue to operate the existing platform, including its trading and middle-office services. Meanwhile, EquiLend is developing a solution to manage centrally cleared transactions. EquiLend Clearing Services also has established a partnership with the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) to offer direct connectivity to the OCC for central clearing of securities finance trades.
  • Offers seamless connectivity to OCC's Market Loan Program
  • Maintains books and records for all trades booked to the Market Loan Program
  • Provides connectivity to OCC for trade instruction and reconciliation
  • Allows trading access to marketplace, matching lender supply and borrower demand
  • Has regulatory oversight as a registered broker-dealer (Automated Equity Finance Markets, Inc.)
  • Has the backing of EquiLend, a long-standing and trusted technology provider in the securities finance market
  • Central point for all matched trades and trade lifecycle events
  • Enhanced middle office offering
  • Effective front-to-back solution
  • Minimized risks to OCC and its members
  • Efficient process based on member feedback
  • Support for a more robust Market Loan Program
  • Enhanced OCC recordkeeping capabilities