J.P.Morgan's Securities Lending program enables investors to access a broad spectrum of lending markets while achieving competitive bids for their securities. As one of the founding institutions of EquiLend, a global automated platform for borrowers and lenders, J.P.Morgan is at the forefront of technology and is well-positioned through its integrated lending, custody and accounting platforms.


J.P.Morgan was one of the first firms to develop and integrate the EquiLend platform, realizing the necessity of automation to process high volume transactions in order to increase scale and minimize the need for manual intervention. EquiLend's Autoborrow, Contract Comparison, Billing Comparison, and Mark-to-Market Comparison services add system efficiencies which reduce costs and increase productivity as volumes continue to grow.

J.P.Morgan's traders and borrowers are able to maximize efficiencies via AutoBorrow resulting in balances increasing in all markets. Additionally, it frees up traders' time to look at more of the "non vanilla" type lending which enhances incremental revenue for the J.P.Morgan client base.

By employing EquiLend's operations services, J.P.Morgan has seen a reduction in the number of reconciliation breaks.

The EquiLend platform is a cost effective way for J.P.Morgan to grow its securities finance business by providing a scalable infrastructure for trading and operations. J.P.Morgan anticipates continued use of EquiLend's services due to the benefits that it has received from the efficient, flexible, and global technology that EquiLend offers.

“Mark-to-Market reduces the time required for reconciliation. Contract Comparison has improved quality of trades positively affecting the turnaround time of the broker bills and reducing the settlement of rebate billing.”

-J.P Morgan




Automated low-touch securities finance trading between lenders and borrowers.

Contract Comparison

Contract Comparison

A standardized process that identifies true breaks, improves risk management, and increases operational efficiency.

Market-to-Market Comparison

Mark-to-Market Comparison

Allows users to compare marks using customizable tolerances that can be adjusted based on collateral currency and mark amount

Billing Compariso

Billing Comparison

Offers a monthly payable and receivable comparison, with a direct link to contract-level day-by-day detail


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