As a leader in the securities finance industry for more than 30 years, Citi adopted EquiLend to complement the comprehensive suite of capabilities it delivers to the marketplace – and strengthens its stature as a market leader - by addressing the very important general collateral (GC) segment of the market.


EquiLend allows Citi a higher trading volume and supports borrowing counterparties transitioning to an automated approach to trading. The automation between Citi's platform and EquiLend's has resulted in improved efficiencies across the financial institution.

EquiLend's AutoBorrow service has enabled Citi to efficiently satisfy the demands for general collateral of its borrower clients for greater volumes by interfacing with Equilend's central hub and eliminating the need for bilateral trade negotiations at the security level. This has resulted in a clear improvement in the amount of general collateral (GC) balances in several of our global equity lending markets.

Citi has been able to manage larger volumes of business by using EquiLend's Mark-to-Market Comparison service and its automated trade support solutions.

Citi's straight-through-processing (STP) functionality combined with EquiLend's single point of entry and its management and processing of loan requests from multiple borrowers has allowed Citi to automate the booking of loan and return transactions.

Looking at the future, Citi is working with EquiLend to continue enhancing its business as EquiLend develops new market-based services and expands into new product areas.

“With EquiLend’s technology solutions we [Citi] are further enabled to offer an industry-leading portfolio of products and services to satisfy our clients’ needs.”

- Citi




Automated low-touch securities finance trading between lenders and borrowers.

Contract Comparison

Contract Comparison

A standardized process that identifies true breaks, improves risk management, and increases operational efficiency.

Dividend Comparison

Dividend Comparison

Dividend Comparison allows for the comparison of manufactured dividend claims.

Mark-To-Market Comparison

Mark-to-Market Comparison

Allows users to compare marks using customizable tolerances that can be adjusted based on collateral currency and mark amount.



Enables borrowers and lenders to automatically return and track assets borrowed using EquiLend or any other trading method.


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